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Competency based training has revolutionised training and development across Australia, USA and Europe. We, at GEM College of International Business, are proud to offer and enable you to participate in competency based training.

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If you are interested in establishing your own business, working in Management, Human Resources, Administration or Information Technology or study at University, you should consider enrolling with GEM College.

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GEM College of International Business (Global) is the Manager of the GEM Online Campus. GEM International Holdings Limited is the Trustee for GEM College of International Business campuses internationally and GEM College of International Business (Australia) is the Licensor for the delivery of all nationally, and internationally recognized training for all Colleges bearing this name. Local and Regional College campuses are distinguished by a “gem designation” signifying the location....

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About GEM College

GEM College (GEM) is an innovative, educational institution which has been providing a comprehensive range of training and consultancy services in the areas of Management, Human Resources, Information Technology...

About GEM College

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GEM College of International Business is becoming a national and international education and training brand, delivering across all major Vocational Education and Training domains, on shore, off-shore, face-to-face and e-learning.

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