GEM College of International Business

Study Schedule

GEM College of International Business delivers training to industry on a Unit by Unit basis as well as delivering full certificate training programs.  For this reason we do not normally divide the year into terms or semesters, as TAFE Colleges or Higher Education institutions do.

We do, however, recognise that learners may prefer to have term or semester breaks - and these are outlined in the training calendar. For learners who prefer to shorten their study time, where practical they may attend the training programs offered to industry groups and keep their study program moving.

Thus, we operate on a “rolling schedule” to fit into the mobile and transient lifestyles of today’s learner/workers.


There are no examinations in any of the vocational training programs offered by GEM College of International Business.  Built on competency based training, all assessment will look at: (1) Knowledge; (2) Skills; and (3) Attitude; and will be assessed against the essential criteria stated within the Training Package and the Assessment Activities mapped into the Learner Guides. Assessment will include on-and off-the-job components. Thus, there are no surprises and no need for last minute cramming.

Study Program for Face-to-face Delivery of Nationally Recognised Qualifications




Term 1


February 1st


Week 1

February 1st

    Training Programs

Week 2 – 10

February 8th to April 8th

Term 2


May 2nd

    Training Programs

Week 1 – 10

May 2nd to July 11th  

Term 3


July 25th  

    Training Programs

Week 1 – 10

July 25th to September 23rd 

Term 4


October 3rd 

    Training Programs

Week 1 – 10

October 3rd to December 9th  

Intensive blocks of training in various Units may be held during some term breaks and weekends. Details and dates will be issued throughout the terms by each local campus.

Course Approval

All of the qualifications listed on this website are nationally recognised under the Australian Skills Quality Authority, and have been approved by the Federal Government. GEM College of International Business is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO National Code 0366), and is registered with Australian Skills Quality Authority to train, assess and issue qualifications based on National Competency Standards.

As a Registered Training Organisation, GEM College of International Business is able to offer Australian qualifications to learners anywhere in the world, and to license GEM campuses to operate in other jurisdictions.