GEM College of International Business

GEM's Mission and Values

GEM's Vision is “to produce business leaders with recognised integrity, sound theoretical knowledge and practical skills for modern global business, developed through an experiential learning environment, with relevance and innovation in subject matter, workplace application and learning methods”.

Gem's Mission is "to assist individuals and corporations towards achieving their highest potential and to help make the world a safer place to work".

GEM'S core values can be summarised as:

Respect - All Learners, personnel, contractors, suppliers, customers, licensees and shareholders are people of equal value and worthy of equal respect.
Diversity and Unity - Everyone has a life story/narrative to be considered and respected, we join our life stories to make the GEM Global Network’s meta narrative. Through unity we bring purpose, harmony and efficiency to GEM.
Imagination and Creativity – Imagination is the seedbed of creativity, the essence of innovation and the driving force of entrepreneurship.
Risk Taking - Essential for development.
Risk Management - Essential for survival.
Transparency and Integrity - Leading to trust and understanding.
Personal Accountability - Promoting responsible action.
Respect for Authority - Ensuring safety, quality and compliance.